Some Kind of Beautiful: How Makeup Took Control of My Life

Some Kind of Beautiful: How Makeup Took Control of My Life


I am not a morning person.  That being said, with my new job came new early hours, and lately I have been questioning the time spent on my makeup routine.  Do I sleep an extra 20 minutes, and risk being told how tired I look by the many men I encounter who think this is an acceptable way to start a conversation? Or do I grudgingly drag myself out of bed to make sure I can put on a full face so that I don’t “look” tired, but spend the day actually tired, and reminiscing about the 20 extra minutes of beauty sleep I could have had?

I started thinking about this dilemma A LOT! When I see my makeup free face, I don’t feel that I look so tired. And I can’t remember when it happened that makeup went from being something I did because it was fun and I enjoyed it, to something that was a chore I could not leave home without completing lest I look like a swamp monster who couldn’t be bothered to put herself together for the day. At some point, I allowed makeup to make up my outward identity.  People had become so accustomed to seeing me a certain way, that when I stripped away that outer layer- that perfectly even skin tone, bright-eyed, long lashed look- I all of a sudden didn’t look like me anymore.  

Enter: Alicia Keys! I remembered reading years ago that she swore off  all makeup, and as far as I can recall, I don’t remember seeing her looking anything less than radiant.  In an essay, “Alicia Keys: Time to Uncover,”  she wrote about her reasons why, and taking control back over her life! Although it seems that she has since started bringing makeup back, I realized that I want to get to this point again.  Where makeup is fun, but not a requirement.  

Though I am just starting on this journey, there are definitely still some steps I need to maintain my high polish look (and also some tasks I need to start doing). 

I like to exfoliate once a week with Kate Sommerville Exfolikate- one of my favorite Ulta Beauty finds! This keeps my skin feeling extra clean and fresh while fighting a dull complexion.  

Eating right, and avoiding too much sugar has also left my skin feeling brighter these days, but to be real, I am going to have to work a lot harder in this regard to get to that perfect no makeup glow I am after. 

Finally, regular facial treatments is something that should be a priority for everyone.  Getting a custom facial for your skin type is going to key in maintaining makeup free skin.  While it was something I considered a special treat previously, now that I no longer plan to purchase the most expensive makeup I can find to work with my skin problems, I can reallocate the funds to take care of my skin.  Microdermabrasion facials at The Beauty Strip are usually my go-to for days my skin needs a pick-me-up! I think I will work my way through the facial menu, and see what else suits my style.
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